Course: Understanding the FPAR Reporting Requirement

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Course: Understanding the FPAR Reporting Requirement

Duration: 42 minutes

Description: This training video introduces grantees and HHS/OPA staff to the FPAR reporting requirement. Participants will learn about the importance of FPAR data and how OPA uses FPAR data to manage and monitor the Title X program. Following a brief introduction, the video reviews key FPAR terms and definitions (e.g., user and encounter) and presents and discusses each of the 15 FPAR reporting tables, including OPA's rationale for collecting individual data items. This video is appropriate for grantee staff who are responsible for collecting or reporting FPAR data. It is also appropriate for HHS/OPA staff who are new to FPAR reporting or want to refresh their knowledge of the FPAR reporting requirement.

Please Read: This course is delivered via Adobe Connect. Please test your system on the Adobe Connect website to ensure that you have the necessary Adobe software and add-ins (free). We recommend a high-speed internet connection and encourage you to turn off your browser's pop-up blocker ("Tools" menu in Internet Explorer and Firefox). If you encounter problems after you click the Register/View button, please contact the FPAR Data System Help Desk at